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ChangeMakers Seed Funding 2022: One Year Later – Impact and Success

Here is the quick follow-up interview with, the winner of ChangeMakers Seed Funding 2022 Ronald Mugaiga the founder of Ecomak Recyclers. It is incredible to see the impact Ecomak Recyclers has made in the community and beyond. We are delighted to have been a part of his journey and feel a great sense of pride in sharing his experiences.

Ronald Mugaiga started his business when he realized that he could transform plastic waste into eco-friendly plastic blocks and bricks. Here, we discussed the progress of his project and the impact it has had on people’s lives. The inspiration behind his idea, the challenges he faced, and the successes he has achieved.¬†Join us in discovering the story of Ronald and how he has changed the world with his Changemaker project.

What was your winning moment of Changemakers Seed Funding?

Being selected among the many impact organizations across the world was a special moment in our journey as Ecomak Recyclers.

How has this grant helped you to run your venture?

Receiving a grant from StartupXS helped us to increase our impact across the Kyaka II refugee settlement i.e. we increased the number of jobs from 87 to 150. This meant that a good number of people benefited from our programs at Ecomak Recyclers.

Were there any challenges that you faced while running your venture?

Funding was one of our biggest challenges.

Can you share with us any memorable success incidents within this 1 year period?

Being selected to represent Ecomak Recyclers at the One Young Summit in Manchester last year was a memorable success. Many thanks to the Z Zurich Foundation for the scholarship.

What, according to you, are the basic three qualities to become a successful entrepreneur?

Hard work, Patience, and Resilience

Are there any milestones that you have achieved in the last 1 year?

In the past year, we have been able to expand our operations to 3 refugee settlements across Uganda, set up a second recycling plant in Kampala, and increase the number of job opportunities. We currently employ 1547 people both directly and indirectly. We currently collect over 1000 tons of plastic waste from the environment per month.

Any lessons that you have learned and would like to share with other fellow entrepreneurs?

Write down your goals and keep tracking them. Hard work always pays so never give up. Resilience leads to greater heights.

Any secrets, how did you win this competition?

Focus on solving a societal problem by creating innovative ideas. With this, you will be selected as a winner, and you can also reach so many people who are in need.

What are the future plans for your venture? 

Our goal is to expand our operations in all refugee settlements across Uganda by the end of 2024 and later expand to other East African countries.

Any tips and ideas you would want to give to other ambitious entrepreneurs who plan to participate in this competition in the future?

Identify the problems that affect your community and help them get a solution. You should ensure to involve the beneficiaries in your project.

Follow his journey Ecomak Recyclers

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