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Announcing the Winner of the “StartupXs-ChangeMakers Seed Grant Opportunity 2021″

We want to send a big thank you to everyone
who participated in our contest and helped to make it a success!

A special congratulation goes to The Social Comment Team, the winner of “ChangeMakers Seed Grant Opportunity 2021”!

After much deliberation, and the daunting task of reviewing more than 1232 submissions, representing 75 different countries, The Social Comment Team, from India is selected as a winner.

The Social Comment is India’s first student network with a vision of transforming the learning & earning system. They provide students with the right environment to connect, grow and focus on their current and future goals while helping them to be more productive. “the social comment” is an emerging platform with the sole aim to help the corporate world to have a better influence with fresher’s and school/college students. It is a spot to make students and young academicians feel fresh, making new friends, and connecting ideas with ideas and with people that show one a world full of opportunities and teaches things for life. The portal helps students to build their virtual portfolios and integrate with already existing students from different universities & colleges. This in turn helps them develop a network not only with users who have vastly different skill sets or solutions to problems but also with users who have a similar taste/niche.

Click here to see the winning application entry.

Click here to see how did the idea pop out for “A student network for India”

Meet the honorable mentions:

  • Mitti Café (India)
  • Virelic (Vietnam)
  • Ajoo.ng (Nigeria)
  • Velma Foundation (Nigeria)
  • Bullyid (Indonesia)
  • Dulwa.com  (Nepal)
  • Development of plant extracts’ based Nano bio-pesticides & Nano bio herbicides (India )
  • Backyard Creators- Adhesive Non-Surgical Hearing Aid (India)
  • Whrrl Sustaining Life Blocks (India)

Congratulations again!

For all of you who have not won – thank you very much for participating in the competition. We really appreciate every single entry and are excited to see you in future events and competitions.

StartupXS Team

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