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Tips for Success in ChangeMakers Seed Funding Contest 2024

StartupXs Changemakers Seed Funding program is an annual opportunity where you have a great chance to receive funding for your startup venture or social enterprise and be recognized worldwide for your work. Your proposal or pitch deck is your ticket to securing funding for your organization.

This time we want to make sure that you have a great chance of winning the grant. This tip sheet is a bonus for you to participate in this contest with fair competition.

Why were previous winners chosen?

The winner of StartupXs ChangeMakers Seed Funding 2023 was Khaalisisi which is the waste management platform, based in Kathmandu, Nepal, that works as a bridge between waste entrepreneurs and waste sellers. In addition to reducing waste pollution, this initiative also helps to address issues of unemployment, providing a source of income for those who might otherwise be marginalized.

The winner of ChangeMakers Seed Funding 2022 was Ecomak Recyclers based in Uganda which is a social enterprise that recycles waste into eco-friendly products that can be reused by communities. Their innovation is building eco-friendly products solving waste pollution, poverty, and unemployment while mitigating climate change and creating jobs for marginalized women and youths. 

The winner of StartupXs-ChangeMakers Seed Grant Opportunity 2021 was The Social Comment which is India’s first student network with a vision of transforming the learning & earning system. They provide students with the right environment to connect, grow, and focus on their current and future goals while helping them to be more productive

The winner of the StartupXs-ChangeMakers Seed Grant Opportunity 2020 was Nyayur Team from Indonesia which is a smart agriculture platform that supplies agri-goods and provides purchasing services. They provide best-grade products from vendors, distributors, and farmers, with solution support such as the agriculture market, purchasing system, and stock forecast to business owners as substitutes to purchasing managers or cost controller manager tasks.

How to make a strong impression and increase your chances of success

Exceptional Pitch Decks and Proposals

While providing proposal comprehensive information is important, keep your proposal or pitch deck concise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary jargon and focus on the key details. Our previous winners stood out due to their well-crafted pitch decks and proposals. They effectively communicated their startup’s mission and vision, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the problem they are seeking to address.

Strong Commitment to Social Causes

You have to show us that you really care about making a positive difference in your community. The selected winners exhibited a remarkable dedication to addressing social challenges. Their commitment to creating positive change in their communities was evident throughout their submissions.

Innovative Solutions

Present fresh, current, and creative ideas that solve problems in new and exciting ways. Past winners presented innovative and unique solutions to the problems they were addressing. Their proposals demonstrated creativity and fresh approaches that set them apart from the competition.

Alignment with Program Objectives

Ensure your proposal is in sync with the goals and focus of our program. Our previous winners were selected because their proposals closely aligned with the overarching objectives and themes of the ChangeMakers Seed Funding Opportunity. Their projects exemplified a clear link to our mission of fostering positive change.

Provide a Clear Budget Breakdown 

Be transparent about how you intend to use the funding. Provide a clear budget breakdown that outlines how the money will be allocated to achieve your goals. Our previous winners demonstrated their financial acumen by providing a transparent and detailed breakdown of their budgets, showcasing a clear plan for resource allocation.

Engage Visuals While Crafting Your Pitch Deck

Strategically use visuals like charts, graphs, images, and infographics to make your presentation visually compelling and easy to follow. Previous winners effectively used engaging visuals in their pitch decks, and those impactful visual elements were very convincing while conveying the message.

Highlight Business and Revenue Potential

You need to emphasize the business viability and revenue model of your startup, as this distinguishes it from non-profit organizations. Our previous winners successfully showcased how their projects had the potential to generate income and foster sustainability.

These key factors played a crucial role in the selection of our previous winners, and we encourage you all to consider these elements when crafting your proposals for the 2024 program.

Submit your proposal for ChangeMakers Seed Funding Opportunity 2024

Writing a winning proposal

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