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Apply before: July 15, 2024

The “LEADERS” competition honors women innovators in manufacturing. It awards prizes to women from EIT RIS eligible countries who have significantly transformed ideas into advanced products or services. The aim is to promote more women innovators in manufacturing and inspire others. In the first round, 60 applicants will receive online pitch training. In the second round, six applicants will be invited to an award ceremony where three winners will be announced and awarded prizes of EUR 10,000 and EUR 7,500 respectively.


The eligibility criteria for RIS LEADERS 2024 is open to applications from women innovators :

  1. People-Centric Manufacturing: Enhance the work environment to make manufacturing jobs more attractive, safe, and inclusive. Speed up digital adoption in the manufacturing sector to boost competitiveness through improved efficiency and innovation.
  2. Green Manufacturing: Advocate for the circularity principle by transitioning to a servitisation model. Hasten the Net-Zero emissions principle with a value-chain decarbonization approach. Improve resource efficiency to initiate a shift towards zero-waste processes.
  3. Sovereignty and Competitiveness: Encourage long-term industry transformation, where manufacturers develop new business models and revenue streams based on continuous innovation, adaptability, and entrepreneurial thinking. Strengthen collaboration within the European manufacturing ecosystem, especially with RIS countries, to enhance overall resilience and innovation capacity.

How can AI benefit startups?


The benefits of RIS LEADERS 2024 are:

In the initial phase, up to 60 qualified applicants gain access to online pitch training. Following the second round of submissions, the top six applicants earn an invitation to an award ceremony. Here, three winners are announced and awarded prizes as follows:

  1. First Place: EUR 10,000
  2. Second Place: EUR 7,500
  3. Third Place: EUR 5,000


Application process

Click here to apply.

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