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Innovation Exchange challenge

Apply before: August 1, 2024

A UK company is seeking sustainable materials for outdoor products. They’re redeveloping a heavy concrete component to align with their sustainability goals. They need suppliers who can provide and process sustainable materials that offer benefits like durability and aesthetics. The materials should also fit into a circular economy model. The company is open to various sustainable solutions, including recycled aggregates and repurposed stone. They’re looking for partners who can meet their production rate and quality requirements. They’re also interested in emerging technologies that could help them achieve their sustainability targets.


The eligibility criteria for the Innovation Exchange challenge: Sustainable structures to replace precast concrete are:

  1. Applicants can be businesses, academic institutions, start-ups, SMEs, or individual entrepreneurs.
  2. They must be based in the UK or plan to establish a base in the UK.

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The benefit of Innovation Exchange challenge: Sustainable structures to replace precast concrete are:

  1. Participants gain an exclusive opportunity to join the supply chain of a prestigious global company’s UK division.
  2. The programme seeks innovative suppliers and manufacturers who can offer sustainable alternatives to a current precast concrete component.
  3. Successful participants will receive a feasibility and pilot programme as a reward.

Application process

Click here to apply.

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Theme : Innovation
Applicant Country : United Kingdom
For more information : Innovate UK

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