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Digital Innovation rooted in Culture

Apply before: July 15, 2024

The European Commission (EC) has initiated a call for proposals to globally foster a European approach to digital innovation rooted in culture. Firstly, they aim to launch artistic experiments in selected regions, combining artists with local stakeholders to tackle concrete challenges. Secondly, they plan to honor local pioneers of art-driven innovation with a prize. Lastly, they intend to create a narrative on innovation rooted in local culture, engaging key players in a dialogue about regional development driven by local arts and culture.


The eligibility criteria for Digital Innovation rooted in Culture are:

  1. Legal Status: Applicants must be legal entities, either public or private.
  2. Location: Applicants must be established in an eligible country, including EU Member States and their overseas countries and territories (OCTs).
  3. Applicant Types: Proposals can be submitted by a variety of entities, including but not limited to:
    • Non-profit organizations (private or public)
    • Public authorities (national, regional, local)
    • Regional stakeholders in economy and culture
    • International organizations
    • Non-governmental organizations
    • Development agencies and internationally operating cultural institutes
    • Foundations
    • Universities and educational institutions
    • Research centers
    • Art centers and institutions
    • Think tanks
    • Technology companies operating in the selected regions
    • European actors at the intersection of art and technology, particularly members of the STARTS community.

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The benefits of Digital Innovation rooted in Culture are:

  1. Promoting Artistic Innovation: The EC’s initiative encourages artistic experimentation in selected regions. This brings together artists and local stakeholders to work on regional challenges. The benefit is a unique blend of art and technology that addresses economic, ecological, and social issues in an innovative way.
  2. Fostering Regional Development: By launching a prize to honor local pioneers of art-driven innovation, the EC promotes regional development. This recognition not only celebrates successful artists but also inspires others to contribute to their region’s growth through art and technology.


Application process

Click here to Apply.

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Theme : Innovation
Applicant Country : Europe
For more information : European Commision

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