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Darwin Plus Strategic Grants

Apply before: July 29, 2024

Darwin Plus Strategic, a grant scheme, is now open for ambitious projects. They offer grants from £1 million to £3 million for projects lasting 3 to 5 years. The application process is simple, with only one stage and an interview for shortlisted candidates. Applications for Round 13 started on 22nd April 2024 and will close on 29th July 2024. Successful projects from this round are expected to start from 1st April 2025.


The eligibility criteria for the Darwin Plus Strategic Grants are:

  1. Submission: Through Flexi-Grant, in comprehensible English.
  2. Stages: Both Stage 1 and Stage 2 applications must meet the published criteria.
  3. Completion: All questions must be filled (N/A is acceptable if appropriate).
  4. Signature: Applications must be signed with a PDF signature uploaded as part of the application.
  5. Dates: The start and end dates must fall within the funding period stated in the guidance.
  6. Supporting Materials: All required supporting materials must be submitted, adhering to format and length requirements (for example, CVs should be one page only and uploaded as a single PDF document).

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The benefits of the Grants are:

  1. Budget Spreadsheet: Available for Darwin Plus Strategic projects.
  2. Biodiversity Challenge Funds: Budget form for grants over £100,000 is provided.


Application process

Click here to apply.

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