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Aboriginal Business Development Program

Apply before: July 31, 2024

The Aboriginal Business Development Program, run by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, is open to organizations. It aims to boost the growth of Aboriginal businesses in the Northern Territory. The program focuses on enhancing business knowledge and skills, increasing the number of Aboriginal-owned businesses, and creating new job opportunities. It’s a great initiative that addresses community needs and promotes economic benefits for Aboriginal people. The program opens on 23rd May 2024 and closes on 31st July 2024.


The eligibility criteria for the Aboriginal Business Development Program are:

  1. Comply with the NTG’s Aboriginal Business Enterprise definition.
  2. Align with the NTG’s Territory Enterprise definition.
  3. Maintain an annual turnover under $10 million.
  4. Possess a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) for a minimum of 3 months.

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The benefits of the Aboriginal Business Development Program are:

  1. Aboriginal business enterprises potentially qualify for funding, up to $30,000 (ex GST), available once every three years.


Application Process

Click here to apply.

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Theme : Business
Applicant Country : Australia
For more information : Northern Territory Government

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