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GlobalWIIN Annual Conference & Awards Ceremony 2023

  • Venue: Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Event Provider: Midix.is

Application is open for the GlobalWIIN Annual Conference & Awards Ceremony 2023. An inspirational gathering of leading exceptional creative, inventive, and innovative women and male champions from across the globe. Learn the views of the inventive and innovative-minded on knowledge acquired, research, and development as well as hands-on technologies that solve pressing global issues. This is an open and constructive dialogue based on real and practical experiences while fostering a better understanding of the world’s best practices and policies that help with the advancement of many ingenious services, processes, and products. In the world that we live in today, women across the world are taking action and finding solutions that matter where there are challenges, crises, or a need to create a better quality of life. From the climate crises to food shortage, health and well-being, energy, and creating a more sustainable environment, women are developing ground-breaking and novel concepts, projects, services, and products that really matter.


The look forward to welcoming you including government officials, business owners, corporates, private and public sectors, civil societies, financial institutions, and investors, academia, the manufacturing industry, NGOs,s and anyone interested in the progress of invention and innovation that builds a better world.


This occasion is simply not a talk shop as ‘seeing is believing’. Apart from the conference, the program provide the opportunity to meet some of the world’s changemakers, and award-winning inventors and innovators.  Join on the study visits, and meet leading women and male champions with pioneering contributions, from various sectors and backgrounds.

The GlobalWIIN 2023 conference shall address the misconceptions, the consequences, the ethical concerns, and the untapped opportunities concerning inventors and innovators. It shall also provide a great opportunity to acknowledge and recognise the many ground-breaking contributions while assisting with building capacity, sharing knowledge that can lead to tremendous social and economic impact.

A not to be missed event as the program tackle the importance of intellectual property, open innovation, digital technology, advancement of STEM, access to finance, product development, equity and commercialization, international trade partnership, and the need for gender inclusivity.

Application Process

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Fee information: Full-Time Students (for Daytime events only ): 125 EUR, Members fee: 295 EUR, Nonmembers fee: 395 EUR

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