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Stanford Seed Spark 09 Program

Apply before: July 1, 2024

NYEF announces the launch of Cohort 09 of the NYEF-Stanford Seed Spark Entrepreneurship Training Course, following Cohort 08’s success. They warmly invite entrepreneurs to join this program, which offers enhanced opportunities for growth. The course aims to fuel entrepreneurial passion and welcomes participants into a community that champions innovation and success.


The eligibility criteria for the Stanford Seed Spark 09 Program are:

  1. Entrepreneurs seeking growth opportunities.
  2. Individuals with a passion for innovation.
  3. Members eager to join an inspiring community.

Pitch Deck: The Ultimate Guide for Startups


The benefits of the Stanford Seed Spark 09 Program are:

  1. Access to enriching development opportunities.
  2. Inclusion in a community fostering success.
  3. Networking with peers.
  4. 1:1 mentorship support.
  5. Live session with experts.
  6. Action based Curriculum.

Application process

Click here to Apply.

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Theme : Entrepreneurs
Applicant Country : Nepal
For more information : NYEF:Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs' Forum

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