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EVangelise ’23

Apply before: September 24, 2023

Application is now open for the EVangelise ’23. EVangelise’23 is a flagship event organized by iCreate, India’s leading incubator of tech startups. The event brings together key stakeholders in the electric vehicle industry, including innovators, industry leaders, investors, and policymakers, to shape the future of this rapidly growing sector. It offers a unique platform for collaboration, innovation, and growth, providing exceptional opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and strategic partnerships.

They strongly believe that realizing India’s dream of becoming a global manufacturing hub for electric vehicles hinges on two crucial factors. They are first identifying the most promising EV startups with disruptive, scalable, and indigenously developed solutions and technologies and, second, fostering partnerships between these startups, EV manufacturers, and investors. EVangelise ’23 can play a pivotal role in facilitating this process.


  • Team of 1-5
  • Concept and Designs are ready but not yet prototyped
  • Representatives of academics, research, and corporate can apply
  • Must be willing to work on the given problem statements
  • Must spend at least 50% of their time at the iCreate campus during the ‘development’ period

TRL 5 and above Innovation Category:

  • Working on the prototype can be demonstrated through videos and photos
  • Demonstrable defensibility (can be patented) or improvement over existing technologies
  • Basic competition analysis done
  • Independence of supply chain problems (import dependence) to some degree
  • Validated industry or market requirement

How to Receive EU Funding for Your Innovation


The 2023 edition of Evangelise focuses on taking the challenge to a new level by widening the scope to many different classes of vehicles and adopting a two-fold approach:

  • Scouting for best early-stage start-ups and providing incubation support to deserving innovators
  • Facilitating manufacturing partnerships for industry-ready start-ups and providing them access to VC networks to boost their entrepreneurial journey.

Application Process

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Theme : Startups
Applicant Country : India
For more information : StartupIndia

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