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e-Track Programme

Apply before: June 30, 2024

The e-Track Programme, run in partnership with ayoba, helps high-impact entrepreneurs in South Africa and beyond. It has two phases: Venture Launch: A 5-week course that validates venture concepts. Venture Scale: A 12-week course to accelerate the development of validated ventures.


The eligibility criteria for the e-Track Programme are:

  1. High Impact Individuals & Scale-Ups:
    • Seeking innovation-driven ventures relevant to the African market and with global potential.
    • Open to both individual entrepreneurs and teams.
  2. Prototype / MVP:
    • Scale-ups should have a working prototype or minimum viable product (MVP).
    • Ready for early-market testing to validate product-market fit.
  3. Opportunity & Traction:
    • Demonstrated understanding of the problem and market need.
    • Evidence of early market testing, customers, revenues, or intellectual property filings.

Make Your Startup Competitive With Automation


The benefit of e-Track Programme are:


Application process

Click here to apply.

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Theme : Enterpreneurs
Applicant Country : Central African Republic, South Africa
For more information : University of Cape Town

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