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About Us

Who is StartupXS?

StartupXs is an online searchable database that contains profiles of thousands of donor organizations providing funding, events, and training located in over 100 countries, providing support to startups and social enterprises working in over 160 developing countries.

StartupXs is devoted to advising and supporting startups and social enterprises on international fundraising and business development.

Who do we serve? 

Startups, social enterprises, and small businesses throughout the globe. We offer access to funding, events, tools, and resources that help you grow and succeed. We want to assist you to meet with new ventures, investors, and networking opportunities.

What we offer

  • Everything you need to know about startup and social enterprises
  • Tips for upgrading your fundraising strategy
  • Resource guides about different topics related to startup and social enterprises
  • Portal connecting to the latest funding channels and opportunities
  • Database for Training/Events Opportunities near you
  • Online and in-house training to provide tools and techniques supporting business growth

Discover the funding opportunity and business development options at your fingertips and find out how you can take your startup to the next level.

Our Team Members

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